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    URL Action - Prefer Local Maximum

    David Roberts

      Greetings Tableau community!


      I have an interesting ask (I hope) which has definitely stumped me.



      I have time series data mapping the performance of instagram posts for a given brand. I created a URL action which allows the user to open up a given post in their browser after selecting it in the viz. This works fine until you encounter days where there were more than one post (see the top left of the screen shot).  In these cases, the ATTR(post_url) function can't return a unique value, so it returns *, which to my knowledge cannot be used as a URL action. As a quick work around, I used the MAX function to return one post_url. There is no guarantee that this URL corresponds to the highest scoring post for the day however.

      Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.06.18 PM.png


      --- Is there a way that the URL action could open up all the associated URL's for a day? For instance, in the above example, three posts would be opened.

      --- If not, how can I make certain that the URL opened corresponds to the post with the highest score?



      David Roberts

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi David...


          I may have the result you need, but I may have taken more steps than needed, too.


          [I edited this to remove an unnecessary step]


          I found the top ranking comment count:

          Once I had this, an LOD calc pulled the actual URL from the detail:


          This is the guy I used in the dashboard URL action.


          I'm not sure if you wanted them ranked by comment count... but you can certainly tweak that. I'm also unsure what will happen if you have two URL's with the same number of comments on the same day-- just something to be aware of.


          I fully suspect there are more elegant ways to solve this problem, but hopefully it will give you some ideas!


          Good luck! --Michael

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