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    Removing Duplicated Budget Data After Joining Tables Where Budget Changes Each Month

    Sierra Shorey

      I have an excel doc that has a list of advertisers, the size of their ads, and the impressions and clicks each ad size got for each month. I also have a sheet in that excel doc that lists all of the advertisers and their budget for each month, which often changes month to month. When I join the data Tableau appends the budget for each advertiser and month to every instance of an ad, which makes my budget graph skyrocket to the millions when it should be in the 100,000's. I've scoured the forums to find someone else who had this problem but everyone I see that had budgets or quotas that were being duplicated had constant values for budgets or quotas. They took the average of the budget/quota because it didn't change over time. What I need is two line graphs, one shows the clicks by month (filtering for advertiser on the side). The other shows budget by month (filtering by advertiser on the side). Does anyone know how I can create these two graphs on the same worksheet? I have the clicks by month already (see below) but am not able to get budget by month working correctly because of the duplication. So far I've only managed to SUM the Median of each month's budget but as you can see below my April budget appears to be around $250k when I know that it was actually $107k. I created some dummy data that's attached as well! Thanks to anyone who can help out!