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    Cheryl Morgan

      Good afternoon,


      I have looked and looked and cannot find the answer that I need. I have four measures on one worksheet and would like to put a filter in so I can only look at one measure at a time. The measures are calculated fields, so I don't know if that is the issue I am having or not. I have also developed a parameter, but it is giving the values in the graphs rather than the graph itself. I need the filter to filter the graph name not graph values. I hope this makes sense. Here is a picture of the worksheet. I need the filter to pick one and one graph at a time. What I need the filter to say is 'All', 'Top 10%', 'Top 25%, 'Top 100%', 'Top Norm'. Please help if this makes sense, I have been working on this all day.

      Thank you in advance for you help,