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    Help creating a vertical bar chart

    Tony Anthony

      This is probably very simple, but I’m having a mental block.  I need my Tableau sheet to look like the Excel example.  One column (orange) show the Consultant skill level as indicated by the manager, the other column (blue) indicates how the Consultant rates him/her self.  Can you tell me what I’m missing or point me in the right direction?  I’d like to have the managers name appear at the bottom of the chart, and to remove the line between the two managers.  Any suggestions or directions will be greatly appreciated.


      I’ve attached a copy of the Tableau file (v9.3) and the Excel file.


      See attached Word document to see an example of the Excel spreadsheet that I would like to create in Tableau, and teh Tableau sheet that I have thus far.

      I’ have also attached a copy of the Tableau file (v9.3) and the Excel file (the data source).




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          Hope Stiles

          You can get the line between the managers to go away by doing this:

          Right click in the view, choose format, click on the borders icon at the top of the format window, then under Column Divider slide the "Level" to the left.  That will remove the line.


          I don't have v9.3 so I couldn't open the workbook.  I looked at a couple other forum posts and it looks like people are mostly using a workaround to get the headers at the bottom.  You might want to turn the headers off and use text boxes.  Not ideal but in some situations it will work.


          Hope that helps.



          format border level.JPG

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            You simply need to change the chart type. Click on "Show me" in the top right hand corner to get the drop down, and click on Stacked bars (in the middle, 3 down) instead of side-by-side bars.