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    New to Tableau concerns on scalabilty vs other tools

    Rich TT



      I’m relative new to Tableau been using it for a few months but I have a lot of years experience in BI tools, particularly Business Objects for enterprise reporting and Qlikview, SAP Dashboards for visualisations ,    I started to use Tableau recently.


      I like Tableau as its easy to knock up something quickly but I’m not sure if I am missing something here in what I know about Tableau but I can’t see it scaling very well,  what my issue is that every time you do anything in the report change a filter etc it
      appears to re-run the SQL, so say I have 20 users all login view the dashboard off the server each time a user opens the report its re-running the SQL vs other tools like BO were you can refresh the report once and then everyone who uses that day uses the cached data and its doesn’t re-run the SQL.    I know you can do an extract and have that Tableau file stored locally then there is no functionality to easily refresh that and again it would have to be done user by user and I don’t think you can do it if accessing report via a server / url ?


      I’m lucky in that I have Tableau on top of a big data appliance so performance is ok but I worry that when I ramp up the users I’m going to end up with 100 users running historical reports based on millions of rows and for each user the SQL is run, it just does not seem efficient to me, again as I said I’m new to Tableau so may be I’m missing something or is this how Tableau actually works and therefore is not really suitable for large scale deployment unless you have a very fast, powerful db behind it ?



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          Toby Erkson

          First, what version are you playing with and are you using Tableau Server as well?


          Tableau is very scalable, horizontally and vertically.  Much about performance is how the report is created so it sounds like the issue is with the report creation.  Using Custom SQL is definitely something you wouldn't want to do, even if you are a master at the specific language for the data source you're connecting to.  Tableau isn't leading the Gartner reports and becoming more and more enterprise-ready just on it's good looks


          We are using IBM DB2 Blu to stage some of our data and use Tableau to report on it.  Billions of rows in less than 3 seconds.  Tableau is up to the task more than Cognos and TM1 -- we know because they failed and with less data!

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            Toby Erkson

            Tableau does have caching and on the Tableau Server it is adjustable.