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    Refreshing datasource and refreshing report

    Dean Rice

      I've got a Tableau report that extracts data from a csv file on a network drive. That data is refreshed through an SAP scheduled report.


      I set up my Tableau report to extract, and I published the datasource to the server. I refresh that datasource every hour.


      After a refresh of that datasource occurs I expect to go into the report and see new data, but I don't. If I hit refresh it does.


      Does this mean I also have to schedule the report? It seems to me that I can't refresh the report when I set up its associated datasource as extract.

      What am I not getting?



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          Next to the refresh button, on the right, there is a Pause / Resume button. If the refresh is paused then it will not update until you manually click refresh. Try toggling that button and see if that helps. Otherwise, a support ticket might be needed.

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            Christina Gremore

            Hi Dean,


            You say that you refresh the data source every hour. Did you create a refresh schedule and attach that schedule to your published data source? You must give the data source a refresh schedule in order for Tableau Server to go in and update the extract. More information on how to set that up here: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#qs_refresh_extracts.html


            If you have it on a refresh schedule, you should use the admin views to check on the status of the refresh task - it might be failing for some reason. More here: onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#adminview_backgrnd.htm


            Another thing to consider: If you have the workbook open in Server from a view and then have the refresh running in the background, you'll need to at least refresh your browser in order for the display to reflect the most current data. The data used to render the view was queried at the time of opening that page in the browser, and it's not going to change without some kind of external trigger - like clicking the "refresh data" button within Server, or refreshing the URL bar in your browser.


            As a last option, you might want to check your Server's caching settings. More on that here: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#config_cache.htm


            If this answer resolves your issue, please mark it as the correct answer. Thanks!

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              Dean Rice



              Thanks for your help on this. I found the issue and I'm sure there are better ways to do this. We want to feed csv files to Tableau that are refreshed through SAP software, to a network folder. I was missing one step, and it seems odd that I have to do it. Here is what we do..


              1. Have a scheduled Business Objects report that refreshes a csv file on network folder every hour.

              2. Create Tableau report from that source.

              3. Set to extract.

              4. Go to Sheet and save datasource.

              5. Create and save report.

              6. Publish TDE file to server.


              8. Go back to sheet and then publish the workbook to server. Not it will have the button that allows us to schedule the workbook.


              Everything else beyond this works fine, scheduling the refresh of the datasource and workbook works fine. The real question is, why did we have to set the datasource to Extract a second time? I'm sure this is something I just don't understand yet.


              Also, we have messed around with LIVE connections and do not understand this. At least with our csv files, Live doesn't seem to do what we expect. Maybe that is more intended for database connections.




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                You can select the CSV as your source (with either extract or live) and then publish that data source to the Tableau Server with an automatic schedule. Then it would go and get the latest version and extract it for you each time the schedule is triggered. You can then use the tableau server version of the data source in your reports without having to worry about the refreshing.

                The live can operate in a few ways, like you said it is different for a database. With file, the server will often take a copy of the file onto the server and runs the queries directly against that file instead of producing a local extract to query off. This means there is no time needed to extract, but it doesn't run as efficiently. You may find that if you update the csv file, it might not immediately update the open copy of it on the server - which is what I imagine is the issue you were facing.


                Hope that helps :-)

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                  Toby Erkson

                  If you're publishing the extract to the server as a Published Data Source and with a Schedule

                  then there is no need to publish your workbook to the server with a schedule also.  This is because the extract is already scheduled to update.


                  When dealing with a live connection your workbook goes directly to the data source instead of an extract.  That's it.  So, in order to connect to the live data source you need to embed credentials (if necessary...your .csv won't have this issue) AND the Tableau Server must have access, meaning, proper drivers (Oracle, Excel, etc.) and if the data source is on a network drive/folder the admin of the network folder will need to give the Tableau Server permission to Read the contents (Run As account used by the Tableau Server).


                  Tableau does not proactively refresh a workbook when the data changes, you need to tell it to refresh e.g. refresh the browser.

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