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    Create value groups


      Hi Everyone,


      I want to visualise in a table (such as the one below) the number of the opportunities coming from direct or partner accordingly, but groupped according to the average number of days that has been stuck to a particular status.  Let's say all of this information is stored to a measure called "Stuck_Lead". What statement should I build in a calculated field that would calculate the number of the opportunities based on the below groupping?


      Could I say for example:


      IF AVG([Stuck_Lead])>=0 AND IF AVG([Stuck_Lead])<=100 then X1

      else IF AVG([Stuck_Lead])>=101 AND IF AVG([Stuck_Lead])<=200 THEN X2 ... ETC ? 




      Header 1
      0-100 days50025525
      101-200 days150100250
      201-300 days155100255
      301+ days503686



      Perhaps I'm not exaplaining it very well but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to do.


      Thanks in advance for your contribution