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    getFiltersAsync() returning a 403 using trusted authentication

    Garrett Heaver



      Using trusted authenticated in Tableau 10 beta. The view itself renders absolutely fine and performing actions on the view directly via the browser is also fine. However when I try to read the filter settings via .getFiltersAsync() the resulting POST that is generated against the Tableau server by the JavaScript API returns a 403. That 403 then causes the Tableau JavaScript API to generate its own error. Is there a known server side issue in the beta?



      POST http://<our server>/vizql/t/<our site>/w/<our workbook>/v/<our view>/sessions/3A84CF23E4854405AB7600563CB80113-0:0/commands/tabsrv/get-filter-info 403 (Forbidden)


      Then JavaScript throws

      $BaseSessionCommandHandler: Command 'get-filter-info' (namespace: 'tabsrv') encountered error: 'An error occurred.'