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    Tableau GrandTotals for typical Pct of Goal calculations

    Vijay Kumar

      I have a fairly typical Data source with Category level Sales. To this I can blend or Join and get Category level Goals. Now I need to show Goal, Sales and Pct to Goal with Grand Totals. I am sure this type of report is build every day by thousands of people. In Tableau this seems quite difficult unless I am missing something (which is of course quite possible and why I am here ).


      I have attached 2 pictures here describing the issue.

      TableauTotals1.PNG TableauTotals2.PNG


      Please also look at attached workbook (need Tableau 9.3.3 to open this) which has a self contained data source with about a dozen rows. I tried to make this self explanatory. After a lot of digging around various forum topics, blogs, etc. I was able to indeed solve the problem (please look at last sheet in the workbook).


      But with all improvements in Tableau functionality in recent releases related to Totals, LOD, etc including Tableau 10 stuff, I am wondering if there is a better/easier way to solve this.


      Any help/advice is appreciated and thanks in advance,