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    Conditional Formatting Month-over-Month Calculations

    Ryan Miller

      Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a few questions I have about a single view i'd like for a dashboard. Here is what i'm trying to accomplish:


      1. Month-over-month % difference for each measure
      2. The ability to sort ascending/descending by each metric (via the icon that appears when you hover)
      3. Conditional formatting by color (green for high, red for low) for the Month-over-month % difference


      I know Tableau has some limitations around conditional formatting, so that' just an added bonus, if possible.


      I know how to create Month-over-month calculations via this way (Month Over Month Difference As a Percentage | Tableau Software ), but i can't sort by it. I've also done so by a "Diff Last Month" calculation from another forum I saw on here, but that only gives me whole numbers difference, and not a percentage (is there a way to turn it into a percentage?).




      Any and all help is extremely appreciated! Thank you!