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    Retrieving Min/Max Value of Filtered Date Range

    Michael Hesser

      Hello All;

      I have a dynamic, filtered date range. It looks a little like this:



      I'd like to retrieve the MIN/MAX values of the user-set filter (in this case 01-May-16 to 01-Aug-16) to use in reports. Unfortunately, I'm getting something like this:


      It seems clear to me that I'm not getting the desired results because no data exists at these points (that little dark bar in the top diagram shows where data resides).

      I call the beasties "bookend null values."


      How can I best get the value of the MIN & MAX value of the filter, rather than the MIN & MAX of the existing data within the filter?


      Do I need to populate null values, or is there a less painful method?

      Please let me know if you would like a .twbx. I am using Tableau 9.3.


      Thank you!