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    Tableau Excel Add-In Error

    Christina Lee

      I have Tableau Desktop and have installed the Tableau Excel add-in. However, now I keep getting this error that says "Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine" every time I open up Excel. I've tried to uninstall, then reinstall, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Anyone have the same error message pop up?

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          Tom W

          Are you sure it's a Tableau related error? Which file / object is it trying to find?

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            Christina Lee

            The error only started showing up after I installed in the Tableau add-in. As far as I can tell, it was install correctly. I’m unsure of what file or object the add-in is trying to find.

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              Tom W

              I would go into the options in Excel and make sure Excel isn't still trying to load / enable the Tableau addon.

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                Nathan Graybill

                I have the same issue today.  I have had the Tableau add-in installed for over a year and no issues, but when trying to use it today to reformat data I get the same error message.  I uninstalled it and reinstalled it a few times...no luck yet.  I can uninstall and then remove the add-in from Excel and I then no longer get the error message when opening Excel, but I need to use the add-in to reshape data.

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                  Nathan Graybill

                  I installed it on my home computer and it works fine...so guess there is some new restriction on my work computer causing an issue.

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                    Christina Lee

                    I found this on the Tableau website so I wonder if it has to do with some file being installed under an administrator’s account.


                    Add-in installs without issue, but the file cannot be found: Ensure that you have full administrative and unrestricted permissions to the directory where the add-in is being installed. If you do not have full permissions for the machine or location where the add-in is installed, the add-in may be installed under an Administrator account or a secondary account. Depending on the machine configuration or other policies, you may be able to copy the installed Tableau 7.xlam file to the AddIns folder under the appropriate or current user. Excel add-ins are typically installed in one of the following locations:



                    •   Library folder or one of its subfolders in the Microsoft Office directory


                    •   Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Microsoft/AddIns folder


                    •   C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns folder


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                      Nathan Graybill

                      Thank you Christina.

                      What is odd is that I had installed the add-in more than a year ago and have been using it fine since (needed about twice every quarter).  It was only today when trying to use it that I received the same error as you.  For now, my solve is to reshape my data on my home computer and then bring over to my work computer...until/unless I get around to finding a solve on my work machine