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    Count for maximum per month and graph

    Deepak Dadhwal

      I am new to tableau and trying to still figure out few basic operations using tableau. I have got the data in following format:



      SiteMetrics DateNTD
      A1/03/2016 0:0057
      A2/03/2016 0:0058
      B1/03/2016 0:0060


      2/03/2016 0:0061
      C1/03/2016 0:0010
      C2/03/2016 0:0061
      A1/04/2016 0:0058
      A2/04/2016 0:0059
      B1/04/2016 0:0070
      B2/04/2016 0:0070
      C1/04/2016 0:0015
      C2/04/2016 0:0015
      D1/04/2016 0:001
      D2/04/2016 0:001


      I want a dashboard with following:


      1. Single select value filter that should be able to filter on a month. (e.g. March-2016, April-2016 based on metrics date).

      2. Table with a maximum value of NTD count for each site per month. (e.g. if filtered on March-2016, table should show A: 58, B: 61, C: 61)

      3. Graph with fixed value on X axis (1-130) and Count of sites with same maximum NTD value as bar graph per month. (e.g. If filtered on March-2016, 58 occurred once and 61 occurred twice. So bar graph with X axis with fixed value from 1 to 130 (fixed) and bar graph showing 0 for all other values and 1 for 58 and 2 for 61) screenshot below.