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    Graphing percent increase of unique serial numbers over time


      I've searched quite a bit but have been unable to find exactly what I'm looking for. Apologies if it has been asked before.


      I am able to do exactly what I need to do in Excel; however, I have more than 255 series/data points which Excel is limited to. Here is an example of what I am looking to achieve in Tableau:


      Here is how the data looks before being linked to Tableau(Note: this image only shows up to 21 series, but the entirety of the data goes up to 300 series):



      Here is an example of the chart I am trying to create in Tableau:



      This is as close as I was able to get in Tableau:



      What is wrong with the above chart:

      • Date is separated into multiple "charts" - I need to show the date like in the Excel chart above
      • Percentage is shown for each date on the x-axis, I need:
        • Date on the x-axis
        • Percentage on the y-axis
      • I was only able to get what I have in the Tableau chart by using one of the dates (headers) as the "row"
        • For example, the chart above plots 6/11 by 6/10 through 6/19
        • There's no need to compare this data


      Please let me know if anything is unclear and I will restate the question. Thank you for any and all help.