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    Question Regarding Counts and Aggregated Data Filters


      Hi all,


      I have a data set similar to the one in the attached sample workbook. Each record contains a user name value, a date value, and a yes/no value representing compliance for something. In Tableau, I then created a calculated field called "ComplianceRate" defined as follows:


      SUM(IF [Compliance] = "YES" THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)/SUM([Number of Records])


      I can use this to display the compliance rate for each user over any date category style - I use months in this workbook, but may want to use weeks or years at some point. I then want to filter on this aggregated value, so I created an AGG(ComplianceRate) filter. This all works as I expect it to.


      I then want to use a second sheet to display the count of users that meet this filter's criterion. So if I set the filter max to be 99%, the count would change from 3 to 2. I thought I could use CNTD(Users) to capture this, but I don't have the necessary aggregation performed, so it remains at 3.



      I could prepare the data in such a way that the compliance rate is pre-calculated on a monthly basis - then displaying the user count wouldn't use an aggregate filter like this. However, I like the ability to 1) display compliance value for individual days, and 2) edit the date grouping in Tableau. Does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this?