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    URL Action link to Salesforce.com

    Greg Blackshields

      Hi all


      just wondering if anyone knows how to direct a URL action straight from my dashboard directly to the Opportunity in SFDC?


      I have created the URL link and it works fine, as it once clicked it will bring you to the Opportunity page in SFDC but then the user has to type in the Opp ID under review, not what I want to encourage.

      What i want to happen is that once they click on the URL action link it brings them straight to that Opportunity within SFDC without having to add in anymore information.


      I think the issue might be that i am creating the link on the worksheet and not at the Opp ID level but can;t figure out how i make the Opp ID the driver to access SFDC once clicked.


      Any ideas as i have seen this done within presentations and would like to give my user community the same results.