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    Filtered values used to filter a 2nd report

    Kavir Haripersad

      Hi all,


      I hoping I can get some help on this one.


      I have two reports both reading off the same data source. Depending on what the user has selected from report 1(parameter) the report will show certain category of products that meet the criteria. So lets say they chose Dairy Products from the parameter on report1 and all the Dairy products that met the critera will be shown on Report1. This is from the main store.


      Report2 has no parameters and all it needs to show is the same products that appear on Report1 but from one of the branches. So what I am trying to do is filter Report2 based on the values shown on Report1 after the parameter has been chosen.


      Any ideas or help on this would be highly appreciated.


      Im using Desktop 9.3 and the data sits in excel.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Sreenadha Reddy Palakolanu

          Hello Kavir,

             If It is possible,Can you send the .twbx file?



          Sreenadha Reddy Palakolanu

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            Kavir Haripersad

            Hi there,


            Thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately it's client sensitive data, but I will create a data set that will comply with the request / help needed shortly and post here.


            Really appreciate it.




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              Kavir Haripersad

              Hi Sreenadha.


              The table looks osmething like this:


              StoreCategoryProductDaily Sales
              Main StoreDairyCheese500
              Main StoreDairyMilk300
              Main StoreDairyCream200
              Main StoreDairyButter300
              Main StoreConsumableProduct1100
              Main StoreConsumableProduct21000
              Main StoreConsumableProduct32000
              Main StoreConsumableProduct43000
              Main StoreConsumableProduct51000
              Main StoreConsumableProduct63000


              I have a parameter on category which once selected, then fetches all the daily sales for that category above 100 and returns the Product for that category. That is Report1.


              Report2 should then fetch the same products and display them for Branch1, Report2 should then fetch the same products for Branch2 and display them.


              This is the simple version, I actually have the product pictures displaying on the report.


              As an example if the person chooses Dairy, then Report1 should return Milk and Cheese (assuming i set the minimum sale value to 300 in the filter shelf) The controlling store is always the Main store. Eveything else is always compared back to the main store.


              It should then go grab the same two products for Branch1 and display it in Report2 and the very same product for Branch2 and display it in Report2 regardless of Daily Sales in Branch1 and Branch2


              I hope this make more sense now? Please let me know.


              Thanks in advnce and best regards