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    Yes/No results based on rank should stay also if filters are applied

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I hope you are doing fine.


      I struggle with Tableau :-(

      We would like to keep the output of a calculated field also, of a filter is set.

      Field is a calculated field and we tried to use also LOD on it.

      But Tableau always says, it can't use it in combination with RANk :-(


      Now I have created an example and uploaded an example workbook ( as original one contains sensitive data).

      Maybe you have an idea, what I am doing wrong.

      We are using Tableau 9.2


      Issue is the following:

      1. We have a calculated field ( if  [Rank] <= 10 then "Yes" else "No" END)

      Name T gets rank 16 and therefore it is flagged with "No"





      2. I filter data only for West

      Now Name T gets Rank 10 assigned, but as it was in overall list Rank 16, it should be still flagged with "No" instead of "Yes".




      I am thankful for any kind of ideas.

      In cas eof any questions or comments, please let me know.