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    How to Create Automatic Data extract Refresh from Hadoop

    Priyanka Patnaik


      I have tried various ways and it could be very simple and I am missing something. But I would really appreciate if I an get answer to this.

      I have a workbook that connects to Hadoop (Hiveserver2). The workbook is on version 9.0. Since live connection was very slow we decided to make it as an extract connection. The extract is filtered on date and it has data for the last 4 weeks. What I am trying to achieve here is, I want to publish the data extract along with the workbook on tableau server and create an automated refresh schedule so that both my workbook as well as the data extract refreshes and show me data for last 4 weeks. This is a daily refresh report so the schedule is set up like wise.


      Current scenario - I have created extract and published it on server. The extract also points to hadoop. However, both the extract and workbook doesn't refresh with new data.


      If anyone can point me what I am missing out here or a detailed step wise approach of how should I proceed with it will be very helpful. Let me know if I need to furnish any more detail.