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    Calculated field to find positive or negative flow between locations

    Blago Kire

      Sorry if this isn't worded properly. Tried searching, but I'm not entirely sure how to word my problem so it's tough. I am trying to calculate the flow of orders between states and what the inbound to outbound ratio is, and vice-versa. Then also, would like to do it on the country level. So total of all orders leaving one state (Texas) vs total of all orders coming into one state (Texas). The Data looks like This;



      OriginDestination# of Orders






      So my desired outcome would be:

      Texas has 6 orders going out to Ohio, and 5 coming in from Ohio for an outbound to inbound ratio of 1.2. Then the same the other way around would be Ohio has 5 going out to Texas, and 6 coming in from Texas for an outbound to inbound ratio of .8


      Then on the entire country level: Total amount of orders shipping out of Texas (to all states), vs the total orders coming into Texas (from all states).