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    Inner Join ON (Condition1 OR Condition2 OR Condition3) ??

    Islam Ameen

      I work on a database that has 2 tables:

      Category Table:

      category_id | Category_name



      post_id | post_name | post_details | category_id1 | category_id2| category_id3


      I want to do an inner join between the 2 tables based on the 3 categories the post can have.

      I know this is a bad database design, there should be a third relational table, but I have to work on it anyway.


      In sql, this can work pretty well by doing Inner Join ON (c.category_id = p.category_id1 OR c.category_id = p.category_id2 OR c.category_id = p.category_id3)


      How can this be done in Tableau? 


      Thanks you.