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    Change from Reference Date (using Months)

    Al Reynolds

      HI Guys


      I see similar posts on the community , but they are not addressing my specific requirement.


      In a nutshell i am trying to replicate the Top 10 calculation (Percent Change from Reference Date - Top 10 Tableau Table Calculations | Tableau Software ), but do it by month and draw the comparison from a monthly average.


      See my screenshot as reference:


      1. You will notice how i created the REFERENCE DATE parameter but notice how it pulled all valid dates at DAY level.

      2. You will notice my "Adj $/CBM on Reference Date" calculation which compares the parameter date and matches that to my invoice date to draw the comparison , so far so good.

      3. In my results view you will notice the calculation works, picks up the value for the selected date, compares to current invoice value and show delta.


      My problem is i want this as a monthly calculation. I want to be able to select month&year in the parameter control and then compare that to the monthly average $/CBM for all invoices in that month and quantify the delta.


      Cant seem to get right and getting suck with string/int/date mismatches when trying to trim my dates.