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    Filtering on 1 sheet, second sheet should show all


      I have sheet number 1 with for example Item id and Item Description


      in the first sheet I have a filter for Item description


      I should get all the Itemids for the filters selected in item description.


      In the second sheet there should not be any filter applied I should get all the item descriptions

      on the selected Item ids from the sheet 1


      I tried Worksheet Actions and Dashboard Actions did not work

      I placed both the sheets on Dashboard

      sheet 1 with the show Filter


      sheet 2 at the bottom with out filter and made the sheet 1 as Use as Filter but

      it allways bring the filters that has been applied on Sheet 1 in the sheet 2


      sheet 2 should have all the descriptions associated with that item id.


      any input or ideas how to achive this