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    Create Mark for every number in a Sum

    Ben Fox

      I'm thinking this is likely some LOD calculation, but I've been struggling to find the answer anywhere (which makes me wonder if it's useful). I'm trying to do an info graphic based on a population. I have the sums of people who took it But I want to show each individual person.


      For example, in the superstore data If you take  California Profit by category you have $37,748 in office supplies, $29,470 in tech and  $9163 in Furniture. I'd like to make a dollar sign for each of the 1000 thresholds and color them based on category. So instead of this


      I'd want 9 moneycases for Furniture, 29 for tech and 37 for office supplies.


      I can get the right number through calculated fields, but is there a fairly quick way to make the number of shapes dynamic yet still colored by the category?


      Or am I left to just do it in the data?


      Thank you!