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    Churn analysis - how to partition and sum?

    Benny Lu

      Attached is a workbook with a simple churn analysis example. I am running into the issue of keeping the table partitioned by Salesforce Account Id but also being able to sum the table calculation. Sheet2 is the furthest I've gotten it which is really close but each measure value is still being shown by each Salesforce Account Id whereas I need it summed together.


      For example, in May 2015 I need the 13 and 106 in upsell to be summed together to show a single value: 119. For Jun 2015, 26 upsell and -64 contraction is still the correct view. If I remove Salesforce Account Id then it no longer partitions and the calculations get messed up. Hoping someone has a simple solution to this.


      Thanks ahead of time.