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    Short-Term Contract for Quarterly Reporting Support Using Tableau

    Allison Byrne

      Founded in 2007, Single Stop harnesses America's most effective anti-poverty tools to create economic mobility for low-income families and individuals. By utilizing technology to create maximum impact at over 100 sites across 9 states, Single Stop has connected 1 million households with nearly $3 billion in resources and support. We partner with local organizations and institutions that serve low-income families to provide wraparound services and ensure their clients leverage all the major anti-poverty resources available. 


      Single Stop is seeking a data analyst on a short-term (2-4 week) contract basis to support immediate quarterly reporting needs through early July and August.  Skills include:

      • Advanced Excel Skills Required (experience with VBA Macros preferred)
      • Working Knowledge of Tableau (or similar business intelligence tools) Preferred
      • Working Knowledge of Microsoft Access Preferred
      • Working Knowledge of Relational Databases Preferred
      • Working Knowledge of SQL Preferred


      The person/organization can work out of our NYC Raleigh, North Carolina offices during this time.  The contract will be for a part-time (max 25 hours a week) for a maximum of 2 weeks.  All interested parties must submit their resume/document of experience to Allison Byrne, Director Program Development and Support by July 8th. 


      For any questions, contact Allison Byrne at 914-500-9117

      Send to: abyrne@singlestop.org