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    Grouping polygons but not by colour

    Chris Clarke

      Hi all


      I've created a simple polygon map and will put different measures on the colour shelf to make thematic maps.

      I need to find a way to group polygons together but not using colour; is it possible to change the individual borders so i can only have borders around the groups of polygons i need?

      I need to create three groups of polygons:

      Torfaen 001

      Torfaen 002-006

      Torfaen 007-013


      Thanks in advance!

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          Tom W

          One way to create borders is to do a dual axis so the second axis is a line, not a polygon.

          To do this;

          • Drag out another instance of AVG(Latitude) onto the rows shelf
          • A new series will appear in the marks card, change it's type from Polygon to Line.
          • In the line series, remove the % of females from the color card and replace it with the 'name' field you're using.


          In the attached example, I've also created a group on your 'Name' field to give you the border breakdowns you outlined in your first post and I took the transparency of the polygon colors up a bit so it was a bit easier to see the borders.

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