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    Is it possible to Group Postcodes (UK) to form a custom boundary?

    Sebastian Hopfensperger



      Basically, i have a data source that contains all UK postcodes (5 characters - i.e. SP11 6) and next to each postcode, a custom name for the areas that the corresponding postcodes are within. e.g. Postcode: SP11 6 = Area 1, Postcode: NR10 3 = Area 4, and so on for all UK postcodes.


      What i can then do using a custom geo-coding source, is map the postcodes using Tableau, as well as drop the Area Name dimension onto color and it shows me the different areas (as defined above), each with a different color, as well as the outlines for each postcode. This is great, however...


      Is it possible to create some kind of group that allows me to create a single boundary (or new region/area), using the postcodes, for each Area Name? So rather than having colors defining what postcodes fall under what Area Name, by coloring each individual postcode, I can have a single area outlined (still defined by postcodes), but not necessarily by color and individual boundary?


      I think this makes sense... Please ask if i doesn't!


      Thanks for the help in advance.