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    Has anyone developed a "Catalog" of visualizations from their Tableau Server's PostGres db?

    Jeff Meteyer


      We've been live with Tableau for over three years, and in the past year we've seen tremendous growth in our sites; as we bring a governance team together, it would be cool/beneficial to produce a visualization catalog that can be generated on a schedule so it includes the most recent stats ( last modified, # of Views, etc) as well as the thumbnails, very similar to what the hover over action does when you look at the Site/Content/Workbook while in thumbnail mode. We'd like our site admins to have the ability to distribute and compare their creations easily, as well as communicate to management  with a "flip" catalog of all vizzes.

      Has anyone tried this using the info from the PostGres db? as an automated function? Could this be a future feature within Tableau?