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    2nd Qtr 2016 Social & Tableau 10 Launch Webcast

    William Aubrey

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      Last night marked our second social event for the Charlotte Tableau User Group. We had a huge turnout of 55+ people all eager to "talk Tableau"! If we had an award for Best Company Representation, that would have to go to TIAA who had a large group of people all getting a chance to meet each for the first time. We also had many people who were joining us for the very first time. Come back for our Beginner and Speaker meetings! They are a great way to learn and get exposed to what others are doing with Tableau.


      We also had a chance to watch the Tableau 10 Virtual TUG Meeting. The Raleigh TUG's own Christopher Scott was one of the hosts at the event. Great Job, Christopher! There are so many new features to get excited about. Maybe we can get you to come back down to Charlotte and present again for us!


      If you were enjoying the socializing and missed the details, the webcast is available on playback at the Tableau Livestream webpage.


      Many thanks to Randstad for sponsoring our food and beverages for the evening! They also sponsored a raffle giveaway of gift certificates and prizes. Congratulations to the lucky winners! It's not only refreshments and prizes though. Over the past few months Grace Sammartino and Drew Newman have become integral partners helping us run the show. Thank you for your contribution, Drew and Grace!


      Look for the invitations to our next Beginner meeting in July and Speaker meeting in August. See you there!


      William Aubrey


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