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    Tabjolt Performanceviz Documentation

    Jasson Giannini

      I have sucessfully set up tabjolt, and love the tests that I can run with it, but I don't always know what all the metrics mean, and even if I can slightly interpret them, I am worried I am losing info in nuances. Is there any formal documentation for all the fields that come with the performance viz?


      For example, what does test count mean? Success TPS? How do interpret and fix the Response messages in the error viz? Or even just a basic way to interpret each viz would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Jasson Giannini



          I have looked at these and though they are useful, I still have a lot of questions. For example, I see a lot of bootstrap errors. What are these? How Do I remedy them? There is just a lot of terminology that is not covered. tabjolt.PNG

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            Russell Christopher

            Jason, at the highest level I wouldn't bother with "Test Steps Breakdown". As a Tableau employee I spent a bunch of time trying to figure this out and then cried "mercy" and went to a dev. Here's a very high level summary of what I found out:


            This viz was essentially stuck into the "Sample workbooks" by our devs who use it to help track down bugs. For mere mortals like us, there is generally "nothing to see here".  Even if you understand it, there's (mostly) nothing that is actually actionable for you.


            Instead, look at the Test Failures Dashboard below the scatter plots. Read the Response Message (ignore the response code) as they are much more meaningful. Messages like "Server Failed to Respond" or "unexpected response code 503 during init session" generally mean Tableau is temporarily overloaded or something is broken (perhaps b/c it is being slammed too hard)


            FYI, a couple things occur to me as I look at your results:


            • You appear to have vizzes which are taking > 100 seconds to render. I'm not clear whether this is occurring because you're REALLY slamming the server and therefore everything is slow, or if you have certain vizzes which render slowly, period. Do you really have vizzes which take that long (50+ sec)  to render? If so, they need to be fixed and you probably don't want to load test with them
            • You are only running tests for 100-150 seconds...This really isn't long enough to allow Tableau to get a "head of steam up". You've probably noticed that at the start you'll have a bunch of vizzes render, and it takes longer than usual...then, Tableau catches up after a minute (or two) and things even out. You're not letting that "evening out" occur. You generally want to run load tests for at least 5-10 minutes. Internally our folks generally go for 60 minutes.