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    Data source filter to exclude value not yet in data

    Adam Robins

      I have a Tableau workbook that I want to modify in advance, so that it does not show data having an upcoming value in a certain database column.


      For example, column Region currently contains "North","South","East".  We are adding a new region "West", but I do not want it to appear in this workbook.


      So, on the Data Source tab for this table, I add a filter, select the Region field, and since the new value does not yet exist in the data, I click on "custom value list", type in the new value, click Exclude, and then save, exit, etc.  However, when I reopen the workbook, the filter is there, but it says "excludes no members".  If I edit the filter, the value I manually entered is gone.


      Is it possible to set up a filter in advance, or must I wait until the value is in the data?  Thanks.