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    Combining Multiple Date Measures Where The Measures Are Separate Columns


      Hi Everyone,


      Thanks in advance to reading this. So I have this problem where my data is down to one row per customer. It makes the analysis easier (at least to what I am used to). The downside is that there is no date column to trend the data on. This data is held up in separate columns.


      Like so:


      customerCustomer start datemonth 1 purchase countmonth 2 purchase countmonth 3 purchase countmonth 4 purchase countmonth 5 purchase countmonth 6 purchase count


      Ideally, my data would look like this to work:


      customerNamePurchase Count
      month 1 purchase countJohn2
      month 2 purchase countJohn8
      month 3 purchase countJohn5
      month 4 purchase countJohn9
      month 5 purchase countJohn6
      month 6 purchase countJohn5
      month 1 purchase countJane2
      month 2 purchase countJane4
      month 3 purchase countJane8
      month 4 purchase countJane3
      month 5 purchase countJane6
      month 6 purchase countJane9
      month 1 purchase countJoe9
      month 2 purchase countJoe8
      month 3 purchase countJoe5
      month 4 purchase countJoe8
      month 5 purchase countJoe0
      month 6 purchase countJoe5
      month 1 purchase countRobert7
      month 2 purchase countRobert7
      month 3 purchase countRobert9
      month 4 purchase countRobert4
      month 5 purchase countRobert9
      month 6 purchase countRobert7


      Ideally, my sheet would look like so:




      But I am having difficulty getting Tableau to see each column as an individual month because they are their own measures.



      So my question is, how do I combine these into a single working pill so that it can be used in the chart?


      • I had some success in creating a caluclated field that would chop off the "Month" and "Purchase Count" to get the month number into a discrete field in which I could plot that way, but combining the measure, I have no clue where to start.


      I have the a sample data set attached. I apologize if this question has come up before, but searching the forum has not been fruitful. So linking me in the right direction would also be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for your help!