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    Grand Total Issue - Using Sum of Averages in a calculated field

    Kourtney Winans

      I want the Grand Total aggregation to use the sum of averages within a calculated field instead of the total average, but I can't seem to get it to calculate correctly.


      Below is a screenshot of the Tableau table with a few call outs. The column I'm having trouble with is "% Growth Goal Attained" - the percentages for the individual categories are calculating correctly, however the Grand Total row is not calculating the way I need it to. The 206.82% on the Grand Total row should actually be 75.18%, which is the growth of 3.14 divided by the goal of 4.17. I have done a lot of testing trying to get what I need, but nothing seems to work. On the screenshot and the attached workbook, you can see a couple of the different things I tried.




      I saw the below discussion, which seemed to be very similar but when I tried to replicate it, I was not successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Grand Total - Sum of Averages within a calculated field



      Thank you!