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    Assigning a numerical value to each row and then using this value in a calculation to create a new measure

    Scott Pantoskey



      The title is a bit confusing, but I am trying to assign a decimal value to each row (customer segment) and then use this in a different calculation where I multiply this decimal value by another measure (i.e. sales). This product (i.e. decimal value x sales) will become a new measure.


      Can someone please explain the easiest way to go about this?


      For example: assigning a decimal value to each customer segment would look like this:

      • IF [customer name] = 'James' THEN 0.15
      • IF [customer name] = 'Bob' THEN 0.15
      • IF [customer name] = 'Frank' THEN 0.20

      Then, I want to take these assigned values and multiply them by the sales for each customer.


      This will create a new measure that I want to include in the viz.


      Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for any help/advice!!!