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    How to dynamically change tooltip text and Number Type based on parameter inputs?

    Bojie He



      I am currently working on a dashboard that has 2 reports from 2 worksheets. These are the same report but different views.  In my chart view, I have created a parameter for users to pick and choose which measures to show on the chart. These measures are: Avg home price, Median home price and total homes listed.


      I have 1 calculated field with the following code:


      CASE [Parameter 1 Selector]

      WHEN "Average List Price" THEN AVG([LP] )

      WHEN "Median List Price" THEN MEDIAN([LP])

      WHEN "Total Homes Listed" then COUNT([MLS No])



      Now the chart is displaying the numbers accordingly, I want to also change the tooltip text next to the number dynamically too. It should show 'Avg home price' next to the number when parameter input is 'Avg home price', when input is 'Total homes listed', the tooltip text should become 'Total homes listed'.


      Moreover, the datatype should also change from $ to just number.


      How would I implement this feature?


      Please advice.



      My draft dashboard is published below:


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