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    VizAlerts was unable to process view....

    Tracy Mixa

      I have upgraded from 1.0.8 to 1.1.0 recently and I haven't gotten it to run successfully yet.  It was working fine with the older version.  Here is what I keep getting:


      VizAlerts was unable
      to export data for this view. Error message: Unable to export viewname
      Dashboard 3 as csv, error: Unable to export the url https://tableau.domain.com/t/Training/views/Workbook/Dashboard3?&:format=csv&:refresh=y
      to csv, error: UserWarning generating trusted ticket: Error generating trusted
      ticket. Value of ticket is -1. Please see http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/trusted_auth_trouble_1return.htm
      Request details: Request details: Server: tableau.domain.com, Site:
      Training, Username: ******, Url: https://tableau.domain.com/trusted,
      Postdata: username=******&target_site=Training.


      I edited the site details, username, and IP address for security purposes.  I have gone through the document to troubleshoot the -1 error.  I have set the trusted hosts as tableau.domain.com, IP address, and 'localhost'.  Unfortunately, the log files referenced in the help document do not exist on my server where they are supposed to, so I am unable to find the more detailed description of what the issue is.  Is it odd that the IP address appears before the username for the 'Postdata: username = "?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.