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    Using 3 different data sources

    Brendan O'Donoghue

      Hello, I am wondering if its possible to use 3 different data sources where only 2 contain relevant information and the 3rd is used to merge the other two. To build a a basic picture I have Source #1 with Category and Tracking #. Source #2 has Tracking # and Invoice #. Source #3 with $ Value and Invoice #.


      My goal is to link Category with $ value using Source #2 to link them together. Is this something that can be done in Tableau or should I be doing this in per-processing to merge the sources together?

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          Joe Oppelt

          The "parent-child" relationship can have only one parent source (thus it's called the Primary Data Source) and all the rest of the data sources have to be secondary sources.


          So you can't go from Source 1 to source 2, and then expect to go from source 2 to source 3 in the same sheet.

          However, you can go from Source 2 to Source 1, and also go from Source 2 to Source 3 within the same sheet.  Make Source 2 primary and Sources 1 and 3 secondary.


          So it's not as relational as pure SQL would let you do.

          Whether or not your data shaping will work for your specific example is hard to say given the limited info so far.