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    Implementing SSL using Microsoft Certificate Authority

    Byron Boudreaux

      We are trying to configure Tableau server for SSL in an environment where the certificate authority is a Microsoft CA.  We have Tableau running on Windows (we are predominately a Windows shop which is likely why we are having issue with this) and we used the keytool.exe app to create a password protected keystore, and then to create a csr to then submit to the CA.  What we got from the CA were files with extensions .cer, .pfx, and .psr.  Not sure what the .psr file is.  We then used the keytool.exe app again to add the cer file as well as the cer file from the CA cert into the keystore.  When we went to configure Tableau, it is asking for a key file (.key) that is not password protected.  We do not have a .key file and not sure how to get one from what we have.  Can anyone provide some insight?