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    Show in transit time of a path based on shipment date

    Blago Kire

      I received some great help to get this project started, and now I'm back with another issue. This time, I'm not sure if my data is even formatted correctly. I'd like the map to show the shipment destinations from an origin, and be able to filter the transit time based on day. For example, Chicago to Los Angeles and Chicago to Las Vegas are show. I am trying to filter by shipment date.


      For example, We are filitered to the origin "Chicago". There are two paths, to Los Angeles and to Chicago. I'd like to be able to select one of them, and then further filter by shipment date. So If "Monday is selected, We will be able to see what the "cutoff time" is for the shipment to leave that day is, and what the arrival date and time are.


      I'm not sure if my data source needs to be cleaned up a bit, or if it's a calculated field that I need to split the cutoff day from the Path ID?