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    Dual Axis Maps

    Christopher McKinnish

      Unlike a lot people, our data contains exact Lat/Long data at the street level.   I have create several one dimensional maps using our own lat/long.  I have also created dual axis maps using supplied lat/long from our data source and where the 2nd axis is the Tableau Generated Data Source.  All is fine with the world.   Until, I want to create a Dual Axis Map with the supplied Lat/Longs


      MAP 1                                                                                                                                                               MAP 2







      Note:  You will notice that the "Terminal Lat/Long" shows as a MIN.  The map will work with or without the MIN applied.  I did this because this specific data is replicated in the file many times, but only need one "dot".  Nothing I do will display this a map, And, I do notice that the Latitude for Terminal does not show the negative value, however in the data table both values show correctly as a negative.  (yes I realize that the axis is not in sync, but at this point it didn't matter)


      DATA FILE (Snippet)




      Does anyone have any possible suggestions?