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    moving axis from bottom to top

    Mohit Shroff

      I have 2 bar charts side by side but the layout of axis is different. The X Axis for the chart on right is at bottom instead of top. I don't see an "edit axis" option when I right click on bottom axis of the right side chart.


      I want to align the axis on right chart so that the:


      X axis is on top instead of bottom.





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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Mohit,


          Its very difficult to understand what precisely if going on without a packaged workbook -- could you mock up an example using a sample dataset, and attach that workbook to this post?  I'm confident your problem can be resolved, but its hard to understand or offer advice based on the screenshot alone.


          Remember, green fields draw AXES, while blue fields draw LABELS.  I have no idea if that is related to your issue, but it could be.  Seeing a workbook would help me identify the problem (if you cannot do that, then photos showing what fields are in play on Rows, Columns, and the Marks Card would be helpful as an alternative)

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            Mohit Shroff

            Hi Matt,


            The X axis on bottom (that I am trying to shift to top) is blue so its a label. I am not sure how to shift it to top because the data in the bar graph on right is all negative.

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              Matt Lutton

              Hey Motif,


              Sometimes you can get away with just duplicating that blue field (so its shown twice on the same shelf), but I have no idea if this will work without seeing a workbook, unfortunately.  At this point, I'm just guessing based on the screenshot -- it would be much easier to help with an example TWBX attached.  Cheers!

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                Mahfooj Khan

                Agree with Matt. It will be more helpful for us If you share a sample workbook in the said format.

                However you may try this. If you goto analysis tab>table layout>advanced. There you will get an table option where you can change the axis from bottom to top. See the screen shot.



                Just uncheck show innermost level. You can see headers shift to top from bottom.

                Let me know If this help.



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