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    Syntax error in writing custom sql

    Pallavi Sharma

      Hi people,


      I am trying to write custom sql in Tableau by connecting to Google Big query .


      Below is the query I am trying to execute :


      select oh.OPR_GLBL_STY_DESC


        [SCA.v_sohfranchise] as oh


        [SCA.i_season_alloc1] as sa


        oh.OPR_GLBL_SKU_ID = sa.OPR_BRD_SKU_ID


      when I run this query I am getting error


      • The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query.
      • Field 'oh_OPR_GLBL_STY_DESC' not found; did you mean 'oh.OPR_GLBL_STY_DESC'?
      • Unable to create extract


      why Tableau is taking the alias name as oh_OPR_GLBL_STY_DESC instead of oh.OPR_GLBL_STY_DESC.  can anyone tell me whats the right syntax ?