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    Creating a "Score" calculation based off R6 data, without displaying Date?

    TJ Horner



      I am attempting to display a bar graph (by employee name) that is based off a "Score" calculation which is basically a point system if certain metrics are met. (Example: Metric1 above goal, +2 points. Metric2 within 95% of goal, +1 point, Metric3 below 95% of goal, 0 points)


      The graph that I am trying to display has employee names on the rows, and "Total Score" on the columns. The issue is when I am trying to do a rolling 6 month average with each of the metrics, it makes me bring in the Date(Year) and Date(Month) into the detail screen, which then creates individual "sections" for each month, instead of 1 score per employee, it displays 6 scores (one per month) added together.


      Anyone have any ideas?