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    VizAlerts throwing error message on run

    Michael Gerstl

      We've just started down the path of implementing VizAlerts and have run into an issue. When I first installed VizAlerts, it set up without issue and we were pretty pleased with how things were going. As it turned out, that was a Friday afternoon. About two hours later, VizAlerts starting throwing errors into my inbox:


      [ERROR] - get views - IOError accessing c:\VizAlerts\logs\ops\vizalerts.state




      'OSError: Unable to cleanup log directory c:\VizAlerts\temp', error: [Error 5] Access is denied: u'c:\\VizAlerts\\logs\\ops'


      We were able to resolve the first issue by transferring ownership of the VizAlerts Windows task to one of our SysAdmins, but the other error is still showing up on every run of VizAlerts.


      We've tried to change the VizAlerts directories from Read-Only to allow for write capabilities, but nothing seems to be sticking. We're a Linux shop, so any Windows specific suggestions regarding dealing with Windows 2012 R2 security and this issue would be appreciated.


      Any ideas?