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    Wanting to select, but not Highlight a Mark using Gantt Bar Chart

    Jason Thompson

      I have created a worksheet that shows the Planned Budget, and the Actual Costs.  Using the Reference line as a breakpoint on Budget, where any amount over the budget is set to Blue.  Less than or equal to the budget is Green.  The visual was easy enough to create using a Dual Axis Gantt Bar chart type.  However the challenge I have now is that when you select the green bar it overlaps the blue bar and hides it.  I would like to have it that when I select the bar it does not block the Blue bar.  For example, if I select the Name of the person on the row, the desired result is achieved. 


      Example showing the Wrong Action (First highlight), and Desired Action (Final Highlight).

      Gyazo - ab0952a078567458ce6256b3f1f295b5.gif


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have attached a workbook as well for the sheet.