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    Comparing a status between to dates

    Ed Gallagher

      We are tracking claims in our database and need to find a formula that will show claims that were "not closed" in the previous month end valuation but are closed in the current month end valuation. Basically I want to create a field that will find this group and update every month.

      Currently we have a closed count field where 1 = closed. We compare the two valuations using difference to get our group. Then that is in the filter for one.


      The problem is we want to add financials and everything is getting totaled and not just our sub group. So we have to add a filter on claim numbers using the calculation:


      ZN(SUM([net_incurred])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([net_incurred])), -1)ZN(SUM([net_incurred])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([net_incurred])), -1)


      I need to find a way to have "Newly Closed" as a field instead of a formula.