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    Need suggestions for moving to real time survey data

    Bryan Mills

      I'm looking to get wise on what options are out there that let me create a simple survey (likely a 5-point Likert) with maybe 5 questions in it and analyze the survey results in real time via a workbook I have sitting on top of data sitting up in the cloud. Currently, we use SurveyMonkey and download the data and go through the process of reshaping that data and dropping it into a massive Excel spreadsheet sitting on our local server and then refresh/update the data connection in the extract and create packaged workbooks or access the data via Desktop internally. It's an inelegant solution but it works though we're realizing that we want to change the process so it allows us to start creating content that we can share with clients via Tableau Online or Server so that as they complete surveys the data is deposited into some cloud-based database so that they/we can analyze survey results in real time rather than the clumsy and slow process we currently use. Ideally, we'd be able to store our current survey responses and just keep adding to that data so we can leverage the capabilities of the entire dataset which we've amassed over 15 years though it's not a deal breaker.


      I know Qualtrics seems to offer this or something close to this (or maybe EXACTLY this) but I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on who I should check out that has survey administration capabilities and the ability to access those results in real time via a Tableau workbook. We're a small organization not someone who will need solutions to capture millions upon millions of rows of survey data annually and we don't necessarily view this as a replacement for SurveyMonkey as these "pulse" surveys are intended to give real-time updates in between full-length surveys we administer either once or twice annually with our Clients which don't necessarily need to be accessed in real-time though it sure would be cool if we'd implement that survey in a real-time environment, too . If only SurveyMonkey allowed that real-time connection I'd be all set but currently, they do not support it...


      Thanks in advance!