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    Can tableau format numeric values (measures) as text

    J Shap

      I created a dichotomous measure.  I would like it formatted as text, 1='significant' and 0='not significant' in a data table.    I would like to keep the variable as a measure and not switch it to a dimension.


      more background


      I am comparing 2 proportions.  each proportion shows up in a separate row in my tableau.  I created a Z score measure.  I also created a significant measure using if then else statements to identify if the statistic is significant or not(1=significant, 0=not significant).  I would like the significant value to appear next to the proportions I am comparing.  I would like to have text to say 'significant' / 'not significant'  rather than '1' or '0' show up in the data table.


      is this possible in tableau?  any ideas?







      example table

      treatment     sample size proportion          significant

      a                    n1               p1

      b                    n2               p2                    'significant' (1)