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    Web Connector works fine in Simulator but getting NoPassword error in Tableau

    Richard Edwards

      Hi All,


      I have a web connector, which works wonderfully in the simulator. However when I run it in Tableau itself I get an odd error:


      "An error occured while communicating with data source 'webdata-direct.0c9ilh508wpd6210iclhh1eo0i8a'


      'More Details' shows the following: NoPassword


      And that's all I get.


      This is an Incremental connector, which works fine in the simulator as expected. I can't really share the URL as it contains sensitive data in the response, but below is the basic code for it:


      (function() {
            var myConnector = tableau.makeConnector();
            myConnector.init = function () {
              tableau.incrementalExtractColumn = "conversion_date";
              tableau.connectionName = "Cake Conversions";
            myConnector.getColumnHeaders = function ()
              var fieldNames = [
              var fieldTypes = ['int','int','int','datetime'];
              tableau.headersCallback(fieldNames, fieldTypes);
            myConnector.getTableData = function (lastRecordNumber) {
              var lastId = lastRecordNumber || '2016-06-01T00:00:00';
              var data = [];
              var clicks = '';
                  data: 'start='+lastId+'&api_key=<?=$_GET['api_key']?>',
                  success: function(resp){
                      clicks = JSON.parse(resp);
                      populateData(clicks,lastId, data);
          populateData = function(clicks, lastId, data){
              for (var i = 0; i < clicks.length; i++) {
                      "conversion_id": parseInt(clicks[i]['conversion_id']),
                      //"request_session_id": parseInt(clicks[i]['request_session_id']),
                      "click_request_session_id": parseInt(clicks[i]['click_request_session_id']),
                      "click_id": parseInt(clicks[i]['click_id']),
                      "conversion_date": clicks[i]['conversion_date']
              tableau.dataCallback(data, lastId.toString(), false);
          window.onload = function() {